These one-on-one sessions are ideal for pet owners who are looking for a reliable level of obedience for their dog,. Both applicable around the home and outdoors. The goal of this class is to build a strong and reified bond that helps build a sound relational balance between dog and handler. A dog who is trained in obedience is an easier candidate for behaviour modification, less destructive, and respects leadership as an essential part of life. These classes are also based on motivation and ensuring a happy disposition in the dogs by utilising techniques known to reinforce a dogs willingess to participate. 


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These one-on-one sessions are built on creating drive in the context of Advanced Obedience. A dog that has learned to perform tasks through 'drive' and 'motivation' not only create a better picture for the dog and handler, but ensures a dog has a happy disposition who is open and willing to work. 


Training the dog in 'drive' is about developing the dogs desire for both the reward but also the work that preceeds the reward. The goal is for the dog to believe there is no discernable difference between 'play' and 'work'. 


All dogs have to been suitably assessed for these one-on-one sessions. These sessions are most suited to working breeds, competition sport dogs, or dogs with high toy drives. 


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Precise K9 deals with a range of problem behaviours, but specialise in severe problem behaviours such as 'reactivity' and 'aggressive' behaviours. The behaviour Modification techniques are based on scientifically proven methods with a Less Intrusive Minimally Aversive focus. 


An orientation toward implementing techniques that the owner can successfully administer. Precise K9 offers 24 hour support after all consults. Post consultation care is a big priority to Precise k9. It's imperative to Precise K9 to support the clients by providing on-going Training plans to keep the client on track, and also video tutorial links to Precise K9's Youtube channelsfor step by step instructions for exercises taught at the consultation. 


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