A 2-part clinic based on Self Discovery and real life application teaching canines to respectfully avoid snake interaction. 


Dogs will most likely encounter a snake whilst on their own. Therefore its imperative to teach the dog how to avoid snakes, void of owner intervention.  Other systems will cue the dog or distract the dog. The issue with this type of training is the dog becomes heavily reliant on owner arbitration, which is very unlikely to occur in real life application. These clinics promote direct associations between the dog's actions/inaction, and the snake.   


The clinic focuses on a holistic approach to learning, by not only generalising the dogs learning in different areas and locations, but also exposure to both venomous and non-venomous snakes. Furthermore, these clinics focus not only on the visual aspect, but also the movement and scent of snakes.


It is a very unique system with a proven 96% on field success rate. These clinics will and have saved lives of both reptiles and canines. 


Tammy Peters is the Queensland vendor for Canine Snake Avoidance International. If you are based in Brisbane, please contact this page for further information.

Please note: Clinics are run once or twice a year only.

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As an Advanced Obedience Coach, and a national champion of IPO, we frequently get invited to run seminars on precision obedience topics that focus on both theory and practical application.

Coming to a town near you.


Sydney Feb 25th & 26th- Precise K9 with Clear Canine

Adelaide September 23rd & 24th- Precise K9 with Clear Canine

Townsville 30th Sep & 1st Oct- Precise K9

Ballina 10th Dec- Precise K9


Sydney date TBC- Precise K9 with Clear Canine

Melbourne April 14th & 15th- Precise K9 with Clear Canine

Perth date TBC- Precise K9 with Clear Canine

Townsville date TBC- Precise K9 

Melbourne date TBC- Precise K9 

Canberra date TBC- Precise K9 with Clear Canine

NZ date TBC- Precise K9 

If you would like to see us run a seminar for your club or your training business, please contact the page to discuss. 


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Life Training Classes

Advanced Obedience Workshops/ Seminars
2-part Clinic


A group class for those dog owners looking for manners and life skills. This class also forms part of our behaviour programs as an end goal to complete their training scheme.


If you meet the above criteria, Register here



Cost: $110 per workshop/per dog



Ideal for dog enthusiasts/sports/trainers who:    

  • have a solid knowledge of dog         behaviour

  • understands the theory and application of the 4 quadrants 

  • well versed in clicker/marker training                 

Canine Snake Avoidance Clinics

Precise K9 University

Our Brisbane Precise k9 University school is a one of a kind school. There is nothing like it in Brisbane or QLD. It is an Obedience school based on the most current progressive training methods following a competition format. For both sports competitors or enthusiasts. It is for those individuals that have an eye for detail

and looking for precision in obedience. Keep in mind a dog without food or toy drive will take much longer to progress, but all dogs at all levels can join.


We are located at Gumdale state primary school, Redland Bay most Saturday mornings.

This school is not for everyone. If you are after manners and control for everyday living, LIFE training classes may be better suited.


limited numbers are accepted in order to focus on coaching each team to their fullest potential. To be considered and put on the waiting list, please fill out the contact form for more info.

This school follows a tough format but it is very rewarding and always fun.

For more info please fill contact form.


Spots are limited.

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