Tammy Peters is the Head Trainer and Director of Precise K9. Tammy is a qualified NDTF trainer and behaviourist. She also runs Playnpaws Dog Training and Exercise Services, a business based on Canine Fitness and Social interaction among dogs. 


Tammy is also a Certified Canine Snake Avoidance Trainer and the only CSAI vendor for Queensland. She's also a current IPO (protection) dog sport competitor with her dog Valoureign Ariki (aka Kairua). 


As a professional Trainer, Tammy has experience in both class instruction as a Senior Obedience Instructor and also specialises in severe behavioural problems in dogs. Her focus is on coming up with a solution that is not only goal orientated but also minduful and considerate of the process required. Tammy follows a Less Intrusive Minimally Aversive principle of training, which at times may require tools and methods not known by the average trainer. 






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